Colonial Museum Projects

As a wrap up to the 13 Colonies Unit, the third graders created projects to put on display at our classroom museum!


Painting a Mural

While learning about the 13 colonies the students in third grade began a mural that represents the Carolina colonies. They learned that there were large plantations that grew cash crops, such as rice, indigo, and tobacco. Unfortunately, many plantation owners were so focused on getting rich that they did whatever they had to do to get cheap workers to tend to the crops. This came at the expense of many innocent Africans. Wealthy plantation owners bought and sold Africans as slaves to work on the large farms. Slaves were forced to work for free and most were only given the bare essentials to survive. This is the beginning of the “I’m a part of the Carolina Colony” mural.


Colonial Occupations

0225161307.jpgThe students in third grade became Colonial shop owners for a day. They used information gained throughout the unit and created an advertisement for their business. We had a fisherman, blacksmith, goldsmith, whitesmith, and a dress maker!

Group Work

The third grade class loves to work together on assignments. In math, especially, students benefit from one another when working together to complete classwork. Getting information from the teacher is important, but working with their peers is just as important. Children learn from one another in all aspects of life! I encourage the third graders to ask questions and discuss classwork with their peers.

Working on math


Hot or Cold?

We began studying temperature in math last week. Students used a thermometer to check the temperature difference between cold drinking water, room temperature water, and hot water from the faucet.


New Year, New Me

The third graders created a new year’s resolution mobile. They chose one thing they wished for in 2016, the two best things that happened in 2015, something they were going to stop doing in 2016, and three personal goals along with three academic goals for 2016.